Wake the Sleeping Angels (storms pass)

Sometimes there are days,

where your hope seems to vanish,

you feel lost in a haze

like your angel’s speaking spanish.

On days like these

the good inside feels frazzled,

it’s only when you freeze,

that you start to bedazzled.

When you take a deep breath,

and watch the clouds float by,

these days meet their death,

and the storm leaves the sky.

When we look for the good

in the world around us

we throw back our hood

and find it by the hombus.

The world is wonderful

though we forget to look,

when our head feels full

like seventeen coats on one hook.

Let the water settle

the murky depths slow

you can see more clearly

when the dirt falls below.

The agitation leaves the station.

Your bad day then dissolves—

when you appreciate creation;

Let go and your stress resolves.