Good and Evil

Why is there evil in the world?

Why so many bad days?

Why can’t everything be good?

Blissful days uninterrupted by

tragedy and sin.

Would you get tired

coming home to a dog

whose love never wavers?

I don’t think so

because your day

could have been irksome;

but, would you appreciate him the same

if all your days were perfect?

If nothing ever went wrong

would you care if he waited at the door?

If nothing ever went wrong

would you even need a dog?

I don’t know why evil exists,

but I do know that perfection, uninterrupted,

would leave no room for joy.

Its bliss,

would become blasé.

As terrible as it sounds

perhaps even evil and opposition

exist to make life

worth living.

Life needs death

just as good needs evil.

Each other is completed by

its opposite.

We find beauty not with one,

but at harmony with both.