Growth & Understanding

Growth begins with understanding. It's easy to believe that self-improvement should be easy. When you get started, it's like digging your hand into a wound to pull out the poison. It hurts and it isn't easy. When you see yourself for who you truly are is when the growth begins. Once you can learn to love and accept that person, you can grow. Once you get the momentum going, there's no stopping.

My grandma immigrated from Italy when she was young. She always had trouble understanding English, and the saying never made sense to her...

Grass is Always Greener

We like to make barriers, discern between good and bad. However, we never question whether or not both are necessary for our happiness...

Good and Evil

Sometimes there are days,
where your hope seems to vanish,
you feel lost in a haze
like your angel’s speaking spanish...

Wake the Sleeping Angels (storms pass)

Have you ever noticed
the moment you try to get comfortable,
it becomes immediately harder to do so?


If it were always sunny
plants and trees would die...

Always Sunny

The worst things happen to the best people.
You smile but you’re hurting...

A Letter to Deep Rest

When you numb,
you numb not only—
the bad,
but also—
the good...


Temporary enjoyment is good
in its rightful moderation...


Distractions, distractions, distractions,
We’ll never stomp away
For they give us
an easy way...


When we occupy our minds
with the opinions of others,
we neglect what our heart finds
is special from our brothers...


When you pay attention
to discomfort,
it strengthens your ability
to find more of it...

Unconditional Love

In the 1600’s
scientists believed that
four internal humors
caused mental disease
when out of balance....

Miscellaneous Fluid

Pain grows our ability
to look for the good...

Worse for Better

What you believe,
you bring into reality.

WMD (weapons of mass delight)

The world is beautiful
if you put your faith in it.

Walk the Path

We’re constantly getting banged up,
it’s unavoidable;

Healing On